Let’s begin…

As a Catholic boy, I learned life began with God saying, “Let there be life” to paraphrase the bible.  Later when I learned about evolution, I recall thinking, okay, let there be life and evolution were the same thing, just using different pointers.  It surprised me later to see people think they had to choose sides about this issue.

Now with quantum physics suggesting the universe goes in and out of existence like alternating current, the creation story actually has science to help explain it and of course an evolutionary explanation still can do the overall and long term job.

What I see, having a biology background, is a Source to life where everything comes from nothing, as Nassim Haramein has shown with his math demonstrating how each galaxy has a “Black Whole” (the title of a movie about him and his mathematical observations of the universe both big and little) at it’s center, yet this nothing manifests with awareness, intelligence, power, and intent.  As life emerged on earth a brain developed in the more complex creatures.  Reptiles developed with the intelligence using their awareness to keep them safe as they stay on the look out for change in their environment.  Mammals came along with the urge to care for their young which they birth live into the world.  Humanity emerged with a reptilian brain, a mammalian brain and then our brains developed giving us the opportunity to mimic the awareness, intelligence, power and intent of our Source, thus we are aware we are aware.

The journey I intend to share, tells my story of exploring the gift of awareness.   We know as we grow into our lives that stuff happens.  For some, really “bad” stuff happens.  For others “regular” stuff happens and it gets mixed in with other “bad” stuff a person gets exposed too.  Eventually, a human being can be pushed around by the background noise inside them that sees others as threats or even danger or perhaps just “things” in front of them that must be destroyed.  Unfortunately it feeds the fear based part of us who’s job it is to help us survive, it’s the part of us who thinks we are our story, the part of us that though sometimes it wants to hide, it mostly wants to do what it wants to do.  Kind of like a two year old behaves.  Of course two year old children, with their basic needs met, manifest as full of energy and aliveness.  It’s been my aliveness I’ve used as a guidance for the past several years.  More on aliveness next blog…

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