About feelings and sensations…

With the “details” unique to each of us, feeling and sensing are common human experiences.  Somewhere along the way, people created agreement about what to call many of these phenomena of existence and so words such as pain, pleasure, anger, happiness, joy, sadness, hate, fear, love and excitement begin a list.  Some think it matters what the feeling or sensation is called, but it may not matter.  Playing with words a little, it does take matter to experience feelings.  If the Source of life comes from no thing, then when the Source does not live through a body, there is no sensing and maybe no feeling.  By creating the form of the human body, Life feels, senses and is aware it feels and senses.  Does this matter?  Well, it is literally part of the matter of Life.  I know, playing with words again or as my friend, Karl would say, “you are over thinking it.”  Yet, intuitively I feel it is an important realization, especially in this modern day and age.  Hiking with my daughter the other day, she commented on how vibrant and colorful the leaves and foliage of Fall appeared to her.  Her senses entertained her.  The natural world needed no enhancement to brighten her day.  How is it people end up bored?  It’s possible, instead of being in touch with their senses, much of their time may be spent lost in thought.  E. Tolle actually encourages people to simply watch their process of being bored.  He feels if a person gives their full attention in the moment to being bored, a shift will occur.  A space within may open up and in that space boredom may not exist.  Having done this, yes, I find myself being attentive to what I sense in the body.  In other words, I end up filling the space with the content of my senses.  He’s very clear, the moment of now he talks about is not the content, and for this human being, moments of space seem to fill.
I recall a statement, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”  Perhaps this accounts for the space filling within, however, I have “fallen into” moments of deep quiet.  That’s not a literal description and, it points to the experience.  Perhaps there is a connection between drawing a blank such as trying to remember something and creating space or quiet within.  This could potentially shed a different light on being forgetful. This idea needs more time to percolate.
Having had several inner-light filled experiences, I felt like I had a mental connection with the Source of my life, however, it did not feel very connected.  I had not related feeling and sensing as direct connections with Spirit.  I came across a seminar or workshop founded on the idea that in a body a human being lost a connection with God and their seminar assisted each participant regain that connection by feeling the loss.  On feeling the pain of the loss fully, a person then feels connected with Spirit and the celebration begins.  During the experience, I found myself lost in a sensation of deep sadness and the touch of another human brought me back to outer awareness.  This experience left me feeling very open and vulnerable.  The encouragement to bond with the group and their “way”, (a similar experience when I attended a practice management workshop with a Scientology group) gave me encouragement to get the hell out of there, which I did, leaving in the middle of what appeared to be a church like ceremony.

Though I wanted nothing more to do with the group, although I would have maintained friendships I had made with individuals, I had experienced something profound which I then got the opportunity to integrate into life.  Let me bring this back to the previous post on aliveness.  When I read Tolle’s point of view that aliveness expresses our connection with our Source, it resonated clearly within me as feeling and sensing are experiences of aliveness.  Where I’m going with this is living a spiritual life is well, simply living.  Children express this idea directly as they live their unique humanity with vitality, lightness and ease, as long as basic needs have been met.  The song, “Greatest Love of All” sheds a wonderful light with the lyric, ” I believe children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”  One of the issues with this manifesting stems from a lack of agreement about the meaning of “teach them well.”

……Since writing the above blog I have read, Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying To Be Me”.  In this book she writes that during her near death experience, she felt what other people in her life were feeling.  So, my point of view written above that Spirit needs a body to feel appears to have been an inaccurate assumption, at least based on Anita’s experience.  The message she came back to share with us is fearlessly be yourself as she realized letting fear move her through life played a major role in the cancer that ravaged her body.  Returning to using children as teachers, a child whose needs are met physically, mentally and emotionally are fearlessly themselves.

If I’ve not been clear in my blogs so far, I’m an advocate of active learning that assists a person to enhance, expand and/or deepen a person’s self awareness.  Engaged in this process with self honesty, a person can discover his/her human patterns and with acceptance and compassion life can be lived with vitality, aliveness, peace, joy and health.  Sounds simple, keep in mind for most of us, it is a process.  Most likely it is a life long one, although some like E. Tolle, have an awakening experience from suffering, and then share their experience with the rest of us.  In my next blog, I share a reason to engage an active learning process.

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